Pilot Reactor Controller

Unlock the power of your reactor

The AGI Glassplant Pilot Reactor Controller is an easy-to-use reactor controller that can be used with any reactor, allowing you to control and automate multiple devices from a single interface.

Works with any reactor

Any reactor device can be connected and controlled.

Easy to use

A fully modular turnkey solution that any user can operate.

Saves lab time

No-code interface that allows quick set up and process replication.

Simple yet scalable

Modular design means the system can be scaled to any process.

Comprehensive data logging

All data from connected devices is logged and stored for easy analysis.

The Pilot Reactor Controller Hub

Modular Hub and DAQ system

The Pilot Reactor Controller's modular design offers a turnkey solution that can be quickly fitted to any reactor, avoiding the need to invest in complex systems like programmable logic controllers (PLC). All your devices are visualized in the intuitive no-code software, giving you and your team real-time process oversight and control.

The Pilot Reactor Controller customizable DAQ

Industry 4.0 is here

Built upon OPC Unified Architecture, the Pilot Reactor Controller offers secure, robust data connections and unleashes the true power of your reactor. Easy integration with third-party equipment means that your reactor can reach its full potential, whatever your application.

Designed for universal connectivity

The Pilot Reactor Controller works with any manufacturer's reactor, connecting to a vast range of devices, from circulators, stirrers, sensors, pumps, and many more. Compact modular design means that the Hub and DAQ can adapt to controlling reactions of any level of complexity and be physically positioned in whatever arrangement works for your lab.

Even complex multistage reactions can be automated by the software, simply set your parameters and standby behaviors and let the controller do the rest.

Automation coming summer 2024

Easy to connect, easy to use

Connecting to the Pilot Reactor Controller couldn't be easier. The communication interfaces are easy to access and can be customized to your requirement. Once connected, all devices are controlled from the intuitive drag-and-drop software interface. All data is displayed live, both numerically and graphically, allowing close tracking and modification of the reaction as it progresses.

Plug and play functionality

No coding or programming experience is needed to operate the Pilot Reactor Controller. The intuitive hardware and software design let you get your reactions going as quickly as possible. Whatever you need to connect to we can configure a DAQ to your specification, allowing you to plug in, turn on the software, and start your process straight out of the box

Your modular turnkey solution

The Pilot Reactor Controller's modular design is easily configurable and removes the need to design a custom solution for your reactor setup. Each of the four module slots on the DAQ can be customized with one of five different communication interfaces, giving you a total of 16 different connections on each DAQ.

Communicates with devices supporting the RS232 communication protocol.

4x Male DB9

Reads the temperature on K-type and T-type thermocouples.

4x Hamitherm FCB2-T

Powers and controls binary-state devices like valves, heaters and contactors.

4x 2-pin Binder 680, 1x Lumberg DC jack

Communicates with devices supporting 4-20mA and 0-10V communications protocols.

4x DIN 45326

Reads the temperature on Pt-100 RTD sensors.

4x 4-pin Lemo S1

The Pilot Reactor Controller DAQ shown with Serial, Thermocouple, Digital out and Analog in/out modules.

Data is your most valuable commodity

The Pilot Reactor Controller collects, processes and compiles rich data from any connected device. The intuitive drag-and-drop software interface allows multiple users to view and edit reactions in real time, with live data displays customizable to individual data interpretation needs. All data is logged in a single .CSV file for further analysis.

System overview


The Hub controls all processes and logs the data. It physically connects to the DAQ and wirelessly connects to the laptop or tablet running the Pilot Reactor Controller software.


The customizable DAQ offers any combination of five communication boards across four slots that can connect to a vast range of devices. If you need to scale up further – simply add another DAQ.

Software interface

All your devices are controlled via an intuitive drag-and-drop software interface that can support multiple users. The Pilot Reactor Controller is supplied with your choice of tablet or laptop

Remote standby trigger

A physical remote standby trigger can be supplied with the system, allowing for the initiation of standby behavior without the need for software control.

Additional DAQs

If your process is more complex, then simply add another customizable DAQ to control even more devices.

Customize your system


System specifications

Operating system
Linux Linux
Processor family: 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i3 processors Broadcom BCM2711
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-1115G4 Quad-core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8)
Memory (RAM): 4 GB 2 GB
Memory note: 3.2 GHz 1.5 GHz
Internal storage: 64 GB n/a
Size 16 x 4 Alphanumeric LCD display
Connectivity and communications
Control ports: n/a Choice of four boards from the following:
Serial: 4 x male DB9
RTD: 4 x 4-pin Lemo S1
Thermocouple: 4x Hamitherm FCB2-T
Analog in/out: 4x DIN 45326
Digital out: 4x 2-pin Binder 680 with 1x Lumberg DC jack
Additional ports: 2 x USB A, 2 x USB C, 2 x Ethernet
Wired: 2 x Ethernet
Wireless: Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 n/a
Safety: Remote standby trigger (optional)
Weight: 4.50 kg 4.45 kg
Power supply 19 V 48 V
Product dimensions 216 x 216 x 150 mm 216 x 216 x 150 mm
Manufacturer warranty: A 1-year warranty as standard on all non-wetted components. A 1-year warranty as standard on all non-wetted components.